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By Retroity · April 1, 2019

Update: So I black out for the day, and wake up to find the site looking like it's a geocities site from the 90's, this strange post, and a bunch of really weird posts on the twitter. I have no idea what happened. Anyways, my apologies for everything that happened yesterday. Know that I'm currently looking into what happened to keep this from happening again.

...also: april fools :)

Hi everyone!!

Welcome to the brand new design! I am quite passionate on web design, and i realised that the design was just TOO BOORING, so I decided to make things look a bit more fun! In this new design, you’ll find many new fun and cool backgrounds, cool colors, and many new features! If you enjoy the site (and you’re cool and NOT DEVIN FROM SCHOOL WHO SAID MY WEB DESIGN IS BAD), please sign my guestbook (link at the bottom of this webpage) :3

Also, the logo has been changed! The old one was so BOOOOOOOORRRING!!! So I made a new one! It’s a really really cool metal logo, with a AWESOME blue glow! (The blue represents the coolness of this site!)

THANKS!!! Hope u all enjoy the NEW design! see u all later :D