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An Update on Server Hosting of The FNaF Archive

By Retroity · June 11, 2019

UPDATE (6-27-19): Maintenance is complete, and the site has been moved! Thanks everyone!

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to give an update on the hosting situation of The FNaF Archive. When the site first launched in February 2018, it was initially a static site on Neocities. Shortly after, it became a site with PHP-based page templating, hosted on DigitalOcean. For the most part, this setup has worked well. However, after much consideration, today I am announcing that The FNaF Archive will move hosts in the next month, from DigitalOcean to

There are two primary reasons for this change. The first is that this will lower hosting costs, allowing the site to become more affordable and sustainable to host. The second is largely technical, in that NearlyFreeSpeech handles much of the patching and server updating, lowering the amount of regular maintenance that needs to be done on

As stated earlier, this change will occur by the end of this month. The details on how exactly this move will occur are still being worked out. When this change occurs, The FNaF Archive will likely face downtime and a brief decrease in page performance as things settle. More details and updates will be announced as they come on our twitter, so please follow us there @TheFNaFArchive.

Thank you all so much for your support. Your use of the site, your enthusiasm, and more are the primary motivation I have to maintain The FNaF Archive.