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New Twitter, New Page, And More!

By Retroity · March 14, 2018

Hello all! It's been almost a month since The FNaF Archive launched, so I think it's about time for some updates. So here's what's new.

1. New Twitter

Today I created a twitter for The FNaF Archive. Here I'll be giving updates on the site, such as new additions, maintenance, and some looks at the site behind the scenes. If you're into that kinda stuff, why not give it a follow?

2. New addition: Music

Today I added a page on the FNaF World OST preview tracks released for a time on Why not give those tracks a listen?

3. Upcoming additions & changes

There are a number of things that I'm currently planning to add to Some of these things include:

Quite a few of these things depend on me getting Scott's permission. (such as the FNaF World release version) Although not required, I'm making sure that Scott is ok with it first before I go though with it. I've tried contacting him in the past about it, and will provide updates if I hear back. Additionally, I'm working on making a few changes here and there, such as moving the site to use PHP instead of static HTML (no database, mainly just using it for PHP includes which makes building pages much easier and keeps everything consistent sitewide) and moving web hosts. This is a fairly large effort, but I already have a good chunk of the site converted over, so we'll see how long it takes. Once again, I'll provide updates on Twitter and on the blog as they come.

4. HELP WANTED: Fazbearhelp automated responses needed!

I'm looking to do a page on the history of the automated responses sent by the email address. So if you have a copy of a response sent by fazbearhelp, especially if it's older (more than 1 year ago) than send them to this Google form!

5. Conclusions

Although there's already a lot on The FnaF Archive, there's still a lot out there to catalogue. Thank you for all the support since the site launched! I'm so glad you all like the site. If you have any questions, feel free to reach me via email. Thanks!