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Goodbye To The Old FNaF Teaser Archive

By Retroity · May 20, 2018

As of today, the FNaF Teaser Archive (the one at has been discontinued, and now redirects to The FNaF Archive’s “all teasers” page. Thank you for supporting the site in the almost 2 years that it was active. During its life, which started on June 16, 2016, as a new home for the teaser archive that previously existed at before it’s discontinuation. During its life, it received over 1.5 million view (1,532,520 when I last checked) and was the dominant home for FNaF teasers. It is also the reason why The FNaF Archive was able to exist and most likely why you’re reading this right now.

I’m eternally grateful for everyone who sent me emails with suggestions on the site, everyone who shared the site around, everyone who enjoyed it, and just everyone who used it. I never thought that a site of mine would be so successful. Now, we have The FNaF Archive, it’s successor, which is much more expansive and has much more content. Thank you for using The FNaF Teaser Archive, and I hope you enjoy The FNaF Archive.