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Teaser Update: New Teaser Page Design And Teaser Pages

By Retroity · July 1, 2018

Today I'm proud to announce the FNaF Archive Teaser Update. This update revolves around teasers, and not only reworks how game teaser pages work, but also adds a big new feature for teasers.

The new teaser grid

First, the layout for game teaser pages has been completely redesigned with a new "grid" view. This allows for more information density and also saves on user (and server!) bandwidth as we're using smaller thumbnails now instead of the old compressed teasers.

Additionally, when you click on a teaser, instead of going to the original quality image, you now go to that teaser's "teaser page" which displays basic information on that teaser and also has a big red button that allows you to easily brighten the teaser, revealing any hidden secrets.

Finally, some smaller updates have been made, with Ultimate Custom Night finally getting it's own game teaser page. It's trailer has additionally been added.

I really hope you enjoy this update. As always, feel free to use the contact page if you have any feedback!