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A screenshot of the account being locked.

The FNaF Archive Twitter Account Has Been Suspended

By Retroity · May 26, 2018

Hi all,

I'd like to give a quick notice about our Twitter account, @TheFNaFArchive. Our account had the birthday of April 20, 2018. (The day the site was founded) However, today Twitter started cracking down on users that were under 13. Due to the birth year, our account has been banned from twitter.

I'm currently working on getting the account back up as soon as possible. I will provide an update on when we get the account restored.

I'd also like to take a moment to note that although this Twitter policy has good intentions and is possibly being done for legal reasons, this was done with no regard to organization or group accounts on Twitter, as Twitter often pesters you to "complete your profile" which means entering a birthday, which includes a birthyear. Thus, many organization accounts have put the day that they were founded as their birthday, resulting in them being suspended.

According to Twitter, my appeal will be processed and I'll hear the results in a few days. Again, I'll update this post once I get the results.