FNaF World: Halloween Edition

FnaF World: Halloween Edition Screenshot

This is a copy of FNaF World: Halloween Edition, which was released by Scott under the "LOLZ_HAX" name. This is the second "game" released under "LOLZ_HAX", with the previous one being the FnaF 3 Troll Game.


SHA-256 HASH: 7936557f6516ac7f99ecd425973c8609a544208f0eff21bd3229ea8df0646c9f

PLEASE NOTE: In some cases an antivirus might detect this as a virus. This is a false positive! It is not malicious in any way. If your antivirus is not allowing you to run it or is automatically deleting it, please try whitelisting it.

This game only supports Windows. If you are using it with another operating system, try using it with Wine. Compatibility is not guaranteed.