The FNaF Archive Privacy Policy

In the interest of privacy and transparency, The FNaF Archive has set this privacy policy in place to make it clear what data is collected, how we use it, and your overall privacy on

Data Collection Via Google Analytics

The FNaF Archive uses Google Analytics to collect basic information on how much traffic the site gets, where it comes from, and how the site is used. This is done to allow us to improve the site. All data is anonymized. Google Analytics never receives your full IP address and we do not receive personally identifiable information about you. The following information is collected by Google Analytics, as far as we are aware:

All data is fully anonymized. Anonymized data on individual user activity (with no personally identifiable info) was collected before this privacy policy. This practice has ended. If we become aware of such information being collected, we pledge to:

  1. Immediately delete the data in question
  2. Immediately take measures to ensure that this data is no longer collected
  3. Notify users that this data has been collected.

Sharing of Data

We may share aggregated data. (Basically statistics, such as view counts, what countries the traffic comes from, etc) If this data is shared, we intend to generally do it for the purpose of publically discussing the site.

Opting Out of Google Analytics Tracking

If you wish to opt out of tracking via Google Analytics entirely, you can turn on Do Not Track (DNT) within your browser settings. This will prevent Google Analytics from loading.

Privacy Policy Updates

In the event of a significant privacy policy change, (beyond simple corrections) we will users of this change 14 days before it goes into effect.

(Last Updated: May 19, 2018)