The FNaF Archive Privacy Policy

In the interest of privacy and transparency, The FnaF Archive has set this privacy policy in place to make it clear what data is collected, how we use it, and your overall privacy on

The Data We Collect and How We Do It

The FNaF Archive uses Google Analytics to collect basic information on how much traffic the site gets, where it comes from, and how the site is used. This is done to allow us to improve the site. All data is anonymized. Google Analytics never receives your full IP address and we do not receive personally identifiable information about you. The following information is collected by Google Analytics, as far as we are aware:

Despite the information received by us, we cannot find out exactly who is visiting our site. All statistics are generic. What Google does with that information is subject to Google's Privacy Policy.

The FNaF Archive uses The Internet Archive (also known as to host some content, including videos and downloads. Please note that for content hosted on the Internet Archive, the Internet Archive's Privacy Policy applies.

Opting Out

It is possible to opt out of The FNaF Archive's use of Google Analytics. Doing so will disable Google Analytics entirely and prevent it from loading on The FNaF Archive. To opt out, turn on Do Not Track (DNT) in your web browser.

(Last Updated: March 20, 2018)