Freddy in Space 2 Trailer

This is the official trailer for Freddy in Space 2. The trailer was uploaded on November 30, 2019. Freddy in Space 2 is a game that is made as part of a charity event in conjunction with The Game Theorists, and is a sequel to the Freddy in Space minigame that was included in FNaF World Update 2.

Description: DOWNLOAD GAME:

On December 3rd, Game Theory will be hosting a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is a wonderful charity that fights childhood cancers. The morning of the fundraiser, I will release this game to the public. MatPat will be playing the game later that night. You will have all day up until MatPat plays the game to dig into it, find secret bosses, and find secret treasures! Then you can share all of your discoveries when the game gets played live, on-stream. Whatever the total amount is at the end of their stream, from what they've found; that’s how much I will donate! They will NEED YOUR HELP, as many secrets are difficult to find!

There are some limitations of course that are worth mentioning here.

- This is a novelty game created to bring awareness to the St. Jude fundraiser on December 3rd hosted by Game Theory. While this game can be played for other streams and other purposes, the charity incentive and connection to any actual donation amount only applies to this specific charity stream. Cash amounts found by players is for their own amusement only and does NOT go toward any actual donation totals. Only the dollar amount found on-stream by MatPat (or other appointed player) counts toward the donation.

- Donation is capped at $500k. This game is for a one-time donation.

- Nothing in the game in redeemable for cash or prizes to any players. Again, this is a novelty game created for this specific charity fundraiser.

- Rules and details may change before the actual event!

Come show your support on December 3rd!