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Twitter Update: We're Back!

By Retroity · June 19, 2018

Today I am proud to announce that after around 24 days of being suspended, Twitter finally decided to lift our suspension! As a result, @TheFNaFArchive is once again active. We're back!

What happened?

It all began on May 26, 2018, when after setting the birthday of our twitter account to April 20, 2018, (the day the site was founded) our Twitter account was banned. In that blog post, I promised to appeal, which I did. I immediately appealed, giving a copy of my ID to Twitter to prove my age. This copy was made by taking a photo with my phone. I made every effort to make this photo high quality and detailed. Every time I did so the appeal would be instantly rejected and Twitter would ask me to resubmit my ID.

My ID was rejected 3 times, until I decided to take a high-resolution scan of my ID. From there, instead of instantly getting a response, suddenly I was faced with silence. For days, I received no response. (For reference, the scan of my ID was submitted on May 31, 2018, I did not receive a response until now)

Then, a new glimmer of hope came when I found this thread by Twitter Support regarding the wave of suspensions for the age set on the account. In that thread, Twitter explained that these suspensions were due to GDPR and that anyone affected would receive an email "in the coming week" with options on how to go about restoring their account. This email never came.

But then, just as all hope was lost... HUZZAH! A new email from Twitter regarding my case!

An email from Twitter stating that the suspension is revoked

After around 19 days of silence, Twitter finally verified my ID and unsuspended the account, therefore closing my case.

As stated earlier, it took me 24 days to get the Twitter account back. While I'm glad to have the account back, this certainly took way too long.

But again, I'm happy to have the account back. I'll be posting updates there again. Additionally, I'm working on the latest site update, however, I'm running into some weird technical issues. I'll likely post some more details on that to the twitter account, so why not give it a follow?